Minggu, 10 Mei 2009

Downloading MP3, legal or illegal?

It's not a secret that today it may be quite simple to download mp3 songs. You can always obtain some new music due to internet. This is possible because nowadays there are so many sites provide mp3 music for download, for free!! Some believe that downloading music without paying is theft, and others think that downloading music on the Internet is no more illegal than trading homemade cassette tapes with friends. MP3 files, CD burners, and MP3 players (portable computer devices that play MP3 files) have changed the way that people listen to music and the way that music is distributed.

A lot of people think that if they can get their favorite CD's for free, why bother paying for them!! Remember 'Napster'? back in the 1990's a free computer program called Napster made it possible to download MP3 files without paying anything. Napster soon became really popular among the music fans. The program became the most downloaded software in the history of the Internet. Fearing for its profits, the music industry filed lawsuit after lawsuit against Napster and finally succeeded in shutting down the company. But, Napster is not the end, it's just the beggining. Kazza, Morpheus, Gnutella, and Grokster among others soon appeared to take the place of Napster. The era of blogging has made this 'downloading' stuff a lot easier. There are thousands of blog that share the links of many albums that you can find and download Mp3's for free.

The music industry has made an extra hard work to tell people not to download mp3 over the internet. There are many campaign by the media to stop piracy and to stop downloading mp3's. But, it seems that this 'downloading mania' is unstopable. So, know it's up to you. You can download mp3's you like and don't care about the artist or you can support them by buying their CD's. Legal or illegal? it's up to you..!!