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ACUPUNTURE, New Alternative Medicational Techniques

"Acupuncture is a technique of inserting and manipulating fine filiform needles into specific points on the body with the aim of relieving pain and for therapeutic purposes"

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) about 25 years ago announced that there are 43 kinds - even more - disease can be healed with the technique of acupuncture. Nowadays, there are about 1.100 kinds of disease were healed with this technique of acupuncture , 250 among others with satisfied result. Some previous eyes disease which medically expressed ‘cannot be healed anymore’, now can be healed through technique of acupuncture. Eye-specialized doctors working well together with acupuncturist (Zhen-jiu) have proved some glaucomas patients, cataract, neritis optica can be healed with this techniques after “daily” three month therapy and medications.

“Zen Jiu’ or acupuncture is an important part in Chinese health-science history. According to the book “"Huang Di Nei Jing" (The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine), this techniques have been developed since the stone age, approximately 4000 or 5000 years ago. They were using needle which made from a sharpened stone to do the acupuncture technique. The book revealed a story about a treatment for an abscess using this ‘stone needle’. The needle then developed from stone to ‘bamboo’, from bamboo to bone, then from bone to bronze. The book also revealed about ‘Jing Luo’ and ‘Xue-Wei, the medication techniques and the disease story along with the medications

Acupuncture then spread from China to Japan, Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere in East Asia. Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century were among the first to bring reports of acupuncture to the West. In the 1970s, acupuncture became popular in America after The U.S President, Nixon along with some doctors visits China and brought back firsthand reports of patients undergoing major surgery using acupuncture as their sole form of anesthesia. The National Acupuncture Association (NAA), the first national association of acupuncture in the US, then introduced acupuncture to the West through seminars and research presentations. The NAA created and staffed the UCLA Acupuncture Pain clinic in 1972. This was the first legal clinic in a medical
school setting in the US.

The latest reports stated that there were over 1.100 diseases had been treated by acupunture techniques, 250 among others with satisfied result. In 1984, WHO Director Mr. Zhundao Hong from Japan, stated that "Acupunture has become a new medication technique, and used as an alternative medication to help west medication scientist to cure diseases they couldn't healed before"

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