Rabu, 12 November 2008

Back Up Your Data With Tilana.com

Have you ever lost a data? a file or even a folder? or even a whole database? that should be horrible. Or maybe someoneor a virus erase your file and you have no back-up? Now there is a solution for this kind of problems. Check out Tilana.com. You should try their free back up services. Tilana provides Data Protection Software that works by installing a program that works silently in the background, uploading your files to your own online server.

San Diego based Tilana Systems Corporation brings true value to cloud storage, by providing Continuous Data Protection or CDP back up, permanent archival, web & moblie access, version history, and multi-computer synchronization on onebalanced, quickly deployed, versatile, and extensible online CDP data protection and storage based synchronization platform.

The service is quite simple. Their Free Backup Software is a free download, installs in about a minute and requires little if any configuration. Tilana guarrante your data safety by encrypting all the files and folders you upload. This ensures that no one but you can access the files you upload. Whether you want to synchronize your work in multiple computers at the office, have files restorable at any point of time or just backup your data, Tilana is the answer.

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