Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

SweetIM, Brings You The Best Add-on for Your Messenger

I just recently found a cool add-on for my Yahoo Messenger. This add-on is provided by SweetIM. SweetIM is a leading provider of fun content add-on for Messenger. If you are looking to spice up your IM conversations with lively fun and rich content, SweetIM is the perfect choice.

SweetIM is a fun upgrade for your Messenger, that adds a lot of fun content like 3d emoticons, smileys, winks, video winks, sound FX, audibles, and other cool contents for free. SweetIM seamlessly integrates into your instant messenger environment but does not interfere with it. SweetIM's product works with: MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, AIM, ICQ, Explorer and Mozila.

You have to have SweetIM installed to unleash the full potential of your Instant Messenger, once you install SweetIM, you’ll see the SweetIM toolbar right next to your IM conversation box. Clicking on one of the buttons in the toolbar will open up a world of fun content that you can easily send over to your buddy.

There is no need to worry about spywares and viruses because SweetIM team has made it clear that user experience is top priority and therefore the product is not only free but also 100% safe. In October 2008, it was certified by TRUSTe as Trusted Download Product (, which proves the high level of commitment to safety issues. So, it's totally safe and free!! What are you waiting for? Get those cool add-ons right now!!

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