Minggu, 21 Desember 2008

BLOGUPP, The Easy Way To Promote Your Blog and Gain More Traffic

Here is the new and easiest way to promote your Blog and gain more traffic. Simply use the great service provided by Blogupp.com

How simple? All you have to do is :

- Log in to Blogupp.com
- Insert your Blog's URL into the form
- Click "Shoot Ahead"
- You'll get a widget short code to include into your blog
- Done !!

After we insert the widget into our blog, Blogupp will show our blog in other blog which had this widget too. And for a change, that "other" blog will show up in our blog with (10:9) exchange ratio. Preety cool, right?

So, for a more effective and interactive blog promotion.. Let's BlogUpp!

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