Jumat, 26 Desember 2008

How To Add Video To Your Blog?

Yesterday, my friend "DND" asked me "can we add a video to our blog?", I said "Off course we can". The he ask me again "How?", and i know that i don't have the answer for his second question. So, I'm googling right away and search for the answer. It only takes 1,1 second for google to help me find the answer. It's preety simple actually. So, here's the "how to add video to a blog" tips.

1. You must know the source of the video you want to add. In this tips, I use 'YOUTUBE', the bigger and most popular free video source on the net.
2. Sign-up with "Youtube.com", then sign-in.
3. Choose the video. I think You should watch it first, to make sure that you upload the right video.
4. Click "Post Video" (the link is right under the video display). You'll see a "form", Click "Edit Blog" and then add your blog's URL.
5. You can write the title of the video as you like, You can also write a comments or anything about that video.
6. Last, Click "Post To Blog". Wait a few second.... then, Voila. The Video is on your blog now. (If not, check out your "edit post" it might be there as a draft. Click 'edit post' and 'publish') and.. that's it.

Well, It's pretty simple, right?? Try it now, Good Luck !!!

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