Minggu, 21 Desember 2008

THE SECRET - A Book Review


Every people have this 'hidden strength' inside of them. This 'hidden strength' is what we talking about in this book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. Unfortunately, not every people realize that they have this 'power' or 'strength'. They should know that if they can burst and maximize this 'strength' inside, they would be able to do anything that they thought they can't. They would be able to achieve everything they want in this live.

This book encourage the readers to learn to maximize the hidden strength inside of them, to help them achieve happiness they dreamed of. This book contains a lot of positive motivations that will encourage us to be more optimistic in this live. Many of us fell bored and pessimistic, and did not realize that we have more power to face all the challenge in this live. This book will teach us to open ourselves and to understand more about our own potential ability. This book also teach us to push ourselves to the limit to reach the success with all the strength
we had. To dare to try something new and never scared of failure.

I recommended this book for you who felt stagnant with your live and need for some guidance to lead you to see the world with a better and brighter point of view.

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