Jumat, 26 Desember 2008

GOTHIKA - A Movie Review

Artist : Halle Berry

A Criminal Psychiatrist Dr. Miranda Grey (Berry), wakes up and find herself a patient in the rehabilitation center where she used to work. She was charged for a murder of her husband. While she was trying to regain pieces of her memories and proved that she was inocent, a spirit came out of nowhere and beat her furiously. The next thing she know, she drowned deep into her delusional trance. What was that all about?

For fans of thriller movies, this movie is recommended. Not only because of the strong story that is so unpredictable, but also the strong character build by Halle Berry. She's brilliantly play her psychotic role in this movie. I am a big fans of horror and thriller movies, and i like this movie a lot.Maybe it's not as scary as 'The Ring' or dark as 'The Grudge', but a chilling frightened story mixed with beautifull celeb like Berry (hmm..) i think it's a cool formula. That's makes this movie worth to watch, trust me. Overall, two thumbs up!!

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