Minggu, 21 Desember 2008


Player : Squall Lionheart, Rinoa Heartilly, Seifer

Final fantasy VIII is the first RPG game i played on my Playstation Console. This game is credited as 'the best RPG game' in 2001. This next chapter in Final Fantasy takes the series to the next level. Final Fantasy VIII combines an epic storyline with dynamic role-playing elements, breathtaking music, and well-defined characters. This game is a big hit.

The story, being one of its best parts, is one of the biggest reasons to play this game. The story is about an adventure of Squall Lionheart, a student in a millitary college called Balamb Garden. The game's story also features many cool characters that players can feel the personality of and relate to. Whether it be Squall's silence or Rinoa's smiles, Zell's ambitious attitude or the cheery attitude of Selphie, or even Seifer's stuck up attitude mixed with his rivalry with Squall, these types of things all will be not only observed, but felt within the fans as they play this game. This game's story features friendships, rivalries with enemies, war, and love.

The gameplay still features the standard FF random battle idea, but the different in the battle system is FF VIII uses the "junction" system. The characters link themselves to their summons and magics and that is what their abilities become. You get summons at the start of the game. Your summons are called "Guardian Forces or GF" and work on a charge meter and a separate life bar. Summoning these GF is very cool. I enjoyed fighting with this summons. Those Guardian Forces are awesome. The graphics are pretty well done. This time the characters aren't miniature. I think the FMVs are great. How fast or short can you finish this game? Without going for the extras you can probably average about a 50 hour game completion going through the game. But You'll enjoy 70 hour with no regret anyway, believe me on this one.

This story is one of the strongest points of the game, next being the interactive scenes and the gameplay. The world of Final Fantasy VIII comes to life in a dazzling display of digital artistry that spans 4 CDs. With the addition of an hour worth of CG animation, a new "Junction" system, and compatibility with the Dual Shock Analog Controller, Final Fantasy VIII is a breathtaking addition to the FF series. Any RPG fan will definitely enjoy this game.

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